The Firm

As a law firm that is located in a country with a population of 237.6 million people (based on population census data of 2010 conducted by Indonesian Statistics Bureau), Razif Novwan & Putranto Law Firm (“RNP Law Firm”) credibilities have been tested in handling various cases involving Domestic clients, International clients, Corporates and Individuals.

RNP Law firm has satisfying reputation in terms of  handling various civil litigation cases, criminal litigations, bankruptcies, industrial  relations, competitions, intellectual property rights protections and disputes, etc., in addition to that  RNP law Firm also has  experience in handling complex corporate work such as : Various Corporate & Commercial transactions,  Mergers &  Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, Capital Markets & Securities, Foreign  and Domestic Investments, Debt Restructuring, Licensing various Intellectual Property materials.

RNP Law Firm is committed to provide comprehensive and integrated legal services to every client in both litigation and corporate matters. This can be achieved because we have the abilities to understand and implement Indonesian legal system in a professional manner,  we also have empathy for the case or the interests of the parties who become our clients.

RNP Law Firm continues to improve and develop skills in handling cases in accordance with the progress of time, besides that we also  use the technology to interact with clients so as to remove the limitation of space and time. All RNP Law FirmAdvocates have the professional licenses required and the abilities to speak and write in Indonesian and English.